Interest in FP1 repairparty?

I recently brought back to life an FP1U by replacing the screen.
This was reaonably easy considering my background : instrumentmaker and Repaircafé volunteer.

So here’s my question: would there be any interest in a FP1 hardwareparty ?
I’m pretty sure I could set something up at the Repaircafé in Leiden.

Thinking aloud : we provide a room, tools and expertise.
Participants provide a broken phone and the needed spare parts + show up in Leiden on a saturday with some willingness to DIY.

However : have tools, will travel upto 1 hour from Leiden (NL) by car for free. :smiley:
Further away ? A contribution to travelcosts would be nice. :wink:

Why for free ?
I dislike our wasteful throw-away society AND despise planned obsolesence.
This is my way of doing something about it.

What say ye ?

Hi I moved your post here because it is not about repairing per-se, but about a community event.

Why not enter your contact information into the Local Fairphoners Address Book? :slight_smile:

Done, I`m in the adress book.

Thanks for moving to the appropriate forum.

Lets see how this pans out.

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I didnt know what a repaircafe was so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Cool concept! You might wanna team up with BoF, they are also into repairing and securing phones for the masses. Futhermore, Dutch hackerspaces might be of interest as well.


I looked into both Bits of Freedom and the Hackerspaces : they`re not quite my cup of tea.

Since Im a hardwareguy (precision mechanics actually) hacking doesnt do it for me.

Altough : Bits of Freedom`s privacy toolkit helped me a lot in setting up PC and phone considering they are an independent source of info.

Hmm, I think you’re taking the term hackerspace a bit wrong. Hackerspace is a general term, not the one from the media. Think more akin to tinkering. There’s hardware hacking, lockpicking, computer programming, 3D printing, and there’s the ‘hacking as in breaking computer security’ which is just one of the many aspects. People get together there with a wide array of interests and specialties.

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