Interchanging camera button with power button

My power button has not been working well for a while and it got me annoyed… I’ve read in another (closed) topic that the power button and the camera button are the same and they can be switched. If it’s possible Is that easy to do? And can someone explain me how to do it?

Also I was thinking that another solution would be switching the functions of the two buttons by modifying the os, but I have completely no idea about how to do it.


Switching the two buttons was afaik only necessary for some very early slim covers that otherwise caused reboots. Not sure if it will really help with your issue.
To switch them you’ll have to take off the back of the cover and then the rim.
Inside the rim the buttons are fixed with rubber. Taking the buttons off is easy but putting them back takes some dexterity.


You could also just post a small request in the unofficial marketplace category here for a spare case rim (that’s the thin black part of the case). People whose cases broke often have a broken case back, but the rim is still intact, so you have a good chance you’ll find someone who has a surplus rim. Note that some rims have black buttons and others have blue buttons.

P.S.: I and paulakreuzer both assume that you use a two-part “slim case”, not an old rubber-plastic “regular case”.

As I understand it sounds like the “hardware” button seems to show signs of wear and he would like to exchange these two which would require some soldering.

But also I can remember of a topic that there seem to be a software tool which allows reassigning the buttons individually.

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Yes, exactly, I have a new case and it’s working well. The problem is in the hardware… Do you remember the name of that software?

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I´m very sorry. I cannot remember. It´s been quite a while when I have read through a topic related to such a problem. I would also have to use the search function.
My hopes are very often satisfied by very attentive members here in this forum who can remember or get quicker hold of such little known pieces of information.
All I could find so far was this.

Have a read into this, it seems to be more related to your problem.

Maybe this can help too.

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