Interaction with this site is very slow

Dear all,

Since I bought my FP3+ phone I’m a user of this forum and since the beginning I have the same problem.

It looks as if there were something on this forum taking an awfully lot of CPU time, leaving very few cycles for user interaction.

When I try to scroll the page it blocks and sometimes stays blocked for a second or two. When I write there is a big lag between when I type in the post text area and when I can see characters appearing. Also the time between me tapping on a forum link and the forum reacting takes a couple of seconds or more.

I’m using Adblock Browser but this is the only site where I have ever had this problem.

Has anybody experienced the same issue?


Using Firefox on my FP3+ and I haven’t ran into this issue

I usually open threads in new tabs and usually start seeing a slowdown with ~10 tabs open, but it doesn’t cause freezing when opening links inline, or delayed text when typing, just ‘micro stuttering’.

No idea what engine Adblock Browser uses for webpages… you could try

  • updating Android WebView
  • check if the same thing happens on another browser too
  • restart the FP3 and open the forum in ABB
  • clear ABB cache (not data)

These should help pinpoint where the issue is happening

Same here with fennec an ublock addon

I’ve just updated the app you mentioned, restarted the phone and tested again with Adblock Browser, same behavior.

I have installed Firefox and I’m now writing this reply from Firefox. The situation is a bit better, I don’t have lag while typing but scrolling is not smooth yet.

Clearing Adblock Browser cache is something I’ve done a lot of times (for other reasons) since I started using this browser and never brought any benefit.

It seems with Firefox is better. I’ll check for a while and let you know.

By the way… is there any add blocking add-on you use with Firefox? I’d like to try it with an add blocker installed to be fair to Adblock Browser :grin:

I wonder what is causing the slowdown… At least it’s a bit smoother in Firefox for you.

In Firefox settings > add-ons there are a few adblockers available:

I haven’t tried any of these addons though since I use a VPN (to take advantage of the DNS adblocker at home)

I just downloaded ABB to see if I have the same issue and yes - scrolling is very laggy and there is a big delay between swiping and the page actually moving. I don’t experience the text issue though. I tested two other websites running the same forum software (Home Assistant Community and Framework Community) and the issue is there too, so I think the Discourse forum software is the problem. The other websites I tried didn’t have the same scrolling issue

Fennec as a firefox fork (free of telemetrie) with all addons, like ublock, decentraleyes, etc…

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After some browsing I can say Firefox is far better on this site.

I’ll keep Firefox to browse this site and Adblock for all the others.



Actually what you’re describing is possibly not related to the browser you use or the device (or CPU cycles).
I think what you observe is the following:
when opening a Discourse (forum) topic then only some posts (I’d say about 20, I’ve never counted it) are loaded/presented by the webserver resp. by Discourse. This is done for performance reasons.
When you scroll down all those posts (to the last one presented) then your client asks the webserver/Discourse to load the next bunch of posts. Naturally this takes a bit so it looks as the scrolling hangs, but it’s just your browser loading more…

That’s because other forum software often works different: there it normally only loads maybe about 20 posts and then you have to click on a “next page” button to open the next posts. That’s comparable to this delay in Discourse when it opens the next bunch of posts, you just don’t have to change to a new page when wanting to see more in Discourse - you just have to scroll down…


As far as I can tell it doesn’t appear to be lazy loading causing this issue; the viewport becomes unresponsive. It affects both scrolling up or down, even when the entire webpage has been completely loaded (nothing else to dynamically load in/lazy load).

The issue is very easy to reproduce in ABB, just download it and head to a discourse forum and start scrolling on any page up or down. It doesn’t exhibit the type of characteristics you would expect from lazy loading - it feels like the browser is locked up for a few seconds

Either way it doesn’t happen in Firefox so it isn’t the end of the world :relaxed:

I totally agree with qrdnyce, the scroll locks even when you go up and down on a page already completely loaded.

Moreover, lazy loading wouldn’t explain the lag while typing.

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