Instructions to install Android 11

Yes I know. There are instructions to manually install any os on a FP3. But they go around multiple sites and pages and are all extremely chatty before cutting to the close.

I need a one page instruction to undo the Android 13 damage on aFP3. I don’t even know or want to know if the thing I’m holding might be a FP3+.

Could someone of the nerds with a agreeable userinterfsce make a one page instruction? One for macOS, one for Windows 10 and one for Fedora please.


What do you pay or why should someone spend its time for and instead of you?


Just follow Fairphone’s install steps and spare us the misguided self-important tone, please …

We can try to help if you encounter trouble along the way.


0. I need to backup all data. (but I cannot backup Signals conversations)

  1. There is no Android 12 for Fairphone
  2. I need to unlock the bootloader (which can be done in Windows and macOS but not in Fedora)
    My code is 5accd227 btw
  3. Now I’m stuck

Will I get my Signal messages back? What about FreeOTP?

Perhaps you coule detail what the issue with signal is? No back-up no restore.

Code for OEM unlock? No need to use a PC for this?

Fedora is Linux? What do you mean you cant use it?

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Signal backup is possible inside the app : go to Settings, then Chats. You should now be able to backup.

Since the backup file will be on your phone, don’t forget to copy it somewhere else before wiping all your data.


Is there an error or issue?
As unlocking the bootloader will force a factory reset for security reasons, deleting your data, perhaps you might want to pursue this first.

There is. But there is no Android 12 based Fairphone OS done by Fairphone for the Fairphone 3/3+, as the upgrade went from Android 11 to 13.
Anyway … would Android 12 be relevant?

There’s a guide for Ubuntu, which shows pretty generic Linux stuff. Which step gives you trouble using Fedora?
I can think of Fedora not using apt for installing software, in this case the internet gives me
Finding and installing Linux applications :: Fedora Docs or, for example.

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