Instead of spinning wheel, a loading bar at the top is also possible

IMHO the loading slider looks better than the default spinning wheel. It’s a theme component, so no rebuilt required.

An example of this can be found on this forum:

My 2 cents: I dont care at all


@UPPERCASE I don’t see anything different on the TZM forum when scrolling the list of topics. Am I looking in the wrong place? How do I trigger the loading slider?

The loading slider appears at the top of the page, similar to what Github uses.
Just click the TZM logo to trigger it.

Quick comparison:


Imho, the loading bar looks way nicer :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, clear. Thanks for the screenshots.

Indeed, the loading slider looks much nicer. I will add @UPPERCASE’s request to our internal issue tracker for the new forum theme.


The Loading Slider theme component has been installed.


This is very annoying, I don’t like it, when something is moving on the screen for no reason at all. Please revert to the old behavior or make it switchable in the user preferences.

I find it less annoying than the loading circle. There will be something showing a loading time. I prefer the bar, it’s not in the way and is a smooth transition.


For me it’s more annoying, something moving outside of my main vision area triggers me.

But the loading circle was better? Where all text goes away for a second and comes back? Maybe try it out for a week?

Yes, that was better for me, because it was in the main vision area and no movement somewhere else which distracts me.
So an option switch in the preferences would be very nice.


I agree. Also for me the spinning wheel prefers.

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