Installing LineageOS, need help!


I am installing LineageOS for the first time in my life into an old OnePlus 6T. I am usin MacOS and terminal, and I am very bad with terminal.

I got so far that I am trying to flash a recovery to the device by typing
fastboot flash boot boot.img
to terminal. (Number 5 on this guide.)

I know I have the boot.img in my downloads folder. However, terminal keeps telling me “fastboot: error: cannot load ‘boot.img’: No such file or directory”

Can anyone help me? How to proceed? Where should I move the boot.img file so that terminal finds it?

Did you move to the downloads folder? What is your working path (command pwd)? Either you move to this folder, or you specify the path to boot.img, e.g, Download/boot.img, or whatever this is called on a mac


Thanks @lklaus. I didn´t move the file anywhere from the downloads. I´ll try to add the name of the folder to the terminal command.

Here’s a very good and short 1 page introduction to the basics …


Thanks! After a few fails I managed to find out the right command: … ˜/Downloads boot.img

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