Installing eOS for fp3+

did anybody succed to instal eOS on a fairphone 3+ ?
Following the (easy?) instructions I got stuck trying to flash twrp recovery.
Here is what I get displayed:
PS C:\Android\platform-tools> fastboot devices
A209TN5M0201 fastboot
PS C:\Android\platform-tools> fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
Sending ‘recovery’ (29490 KB) OKAY [ 0.750s]
Writing ‘recovery’ FAILED (remote: ‘partition table doesn’t exist’)
fastboot: error: Command failed
Maybe this works only for FP3 and not for FP3+?

That’s unfortunately an error in their docs, see

Just skip the entire “Installing a custom recovery” section of


Thank you Ingo
after skipping the “installing a custom recovery” I finally succeed to flash eOS on my FP3+.
Still it was a challenge for a simple user like me to follow the instructions that presuppose that you are used to work with the comand console and that you know that you should not download all 4 offered images although instructions say “download all files”.
Unfortunately I have got another problem, after everything worked perfectly for one day.
Next day it was not possible to do or receive phone calls although the phone seemed to be connected to my provider (4G) and I could use mobile data.
I’l start seperate topic for this isssue


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