Installing 15.1 on a new FP2 keeps failing

I have a new FP2 and I like to install LOS 15.1
So I read a lot here and in the lineage pages.

I installed FPOOS successfully. It is starting and working. Next I was trying to install LOS via TWRP(3.0.2-0) as it was coming with FPOOS. The error was like E3004. FP2. This device is .

So i thought I have to update TWRP. But when I am trying to update TWRP via fastboot everything seems successful, but the version stays 3.0.2-0 instead of 3.2.3-0. I updated according this instruction without errors.

My question is: Am I on the right way when I am trying to update TWRP to get to LOS. OR did I do something wrong.
In TWRP I wiped the phone to factory settings and then tried to install the .zip file. several times. When I left TWRP it was asking if I want to reboot without OS. Afterwards nothing was working, but I installed FPOOS again via fastboot.

Here’s the official installation guide …

Yes. Be sure to boot into TWRP again after installing it to make it resident, don’t boot into the OS (it will restore its own recovery, in this case the older TWRP).


A thousand thanks @AnotherElk. Very quick response.
I missed the reboot directly into TWRP.
I just succeeded the update to TWRP 3.2.3 and with the official installation guide LOS 15.1 went straight through.
Thanks a lot!


Just for the record, the E3004: This package is for device FP2; this device is . error happens when using an old TWRP. It has already happened to other users:


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