Installation of /e/OS using windows without the easy installer

As I dont have an account for the e/OS forum, I hope that those being active here and there (@AnotherElk , @Ingo , @Volker ) can help to shed some light

We have a help request at the heaven to upgrade a FP3 from an android 9 version to current version.

In case that for whatever reason the.easy installer does not work, can someone help me to understand the current install guide, because I dont get what to do using Windows

  • Run the installer script on Terminal(Linux) or on Git Bash UI(Windows).
  • Make sure you are in the current directory which contains the file.
  • Windows
    Right click → Git Bash here
    Execute the following command:
    chmod +x &&./
    -The script will flash all required files and will wait for input at the last step.

Do I really have to download this Git Bash thing?

Tip: For Windows users, we advise to use Git Bash. For more info about Downloads and Installation see Official Documentation

Well, I’d say they wanted to make it easy here. There’s a (Linux) shell script and this can not be run directly in windows (well, maybe in the new Linux subsystem WSL on windows 10 or windows 11 - can’t say that exactly).

You also have the possibility to do everything manually using fastboot. Then you just have to flash all necessary partitions (maybe about 10?). At least it’s that for the FP4 (I’ve never flashed an FP3 - but by chance I’ve temporarily one now and might try myself during the next days…).

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So thats how it was in the past

Thanks to anotherelk

Edit: its getting more and more confusing

The dev version is the “official” one, correct? That would mean I can just sideload as I would do with any other OS? Which recovery works? TWRP or LOS?

Edit 2: as we upgrade that should work?

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I think it’s not that confusing.
Anotherelk says it all in the linked post.
The stable version can be flashed via fastboot (and I’d recommend the stable one) and the dev version is in OTA format so you use adb sideload or the recovery to install it.

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Both are “official”. Normally the dev comes earlier and the stable follows if all is working fine (that’s at least the idea).
Anyway once you’re on one of the types you always stay with it (except you flash the other type).

There’s a murena recovery which probably works best in this case.


Yes, there’s no OTA way for the FP3 from R to S. But flashing it should work.

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My post from December got outdated in the meantime.
Currently the download pages for stable and dev builds offer the same file format, for installation with fastboot (the filenames starting with “IMG” serving as an indication). is correct currently in this regard.

(If preferred, install files suitable for installation with ADB sideload can be obtained by using download links listed in the “url:” lines in and How to install these is still given in, but this is not deliberate I guess, they seem to have forgotten to update the page.)

Actually, on the stable release channel there is …

"OS OTA upgrades

Status: :green_circle: Complete



  • FP3 >> R (A11) to S (A12) stable"

(Week 19, 2023: Development and Testing Updates - Development Updates - /e/OS community)


Thanks I think the device is on A9 so

does not apply in that case :slightly_frowning_face:

So the conclusion would be, either easy installer or img files one by one using fastboot (when I dont want to make myself familiar with this Gitbash (whatever it is)) ?

I dont like that the Installation of e/OS is so complicated compared to others and overall I really miss the simple non A/B locked bootloader FP2

Well, this is probably why the easy installer is recommended. Strange it’s not working here.
Or you use a linux system to install it. Then it also sounds easy to me:

  • download and unzip the SW
  • unlock the FP3
  • start FP3 in fastboot mode
  • connect it via USB cable to the linux machine and start the shell script

Doesn’t sound complicated, does it?

Not when you have a Linux system to install, what I dont have and I dont think that will change soon :wink:

At the end we dont know what went wrong when the user tried the Installer, so we will see during the meet-up in June and figure it out somehow, just wanted to understand options upfront as i havent ever installed e/OS on a FP3

So thanks you both to help me understand better, saved me a lot reading time in e/OS forum :grin:

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