Install OpenGApps on Android 6.0

It seems that OpenGApps does not find the version to install on Android 6. I’ve got the message “querying GitHub API” that turns round.
Is there a version available for Android 6 ?
ARM / 6.0 / stock
The wiki post tells about 5.1
Regards. has all the versions from Android 4.4 to 7.1., but the post you refer to links there, too.
When do you encounter a problem exactly?

Thanks for your reply.
When i go to, ARM / 6.0 / stock is setted by default.
The “big red button” does not turn to red and the message “querying GitHub API” turns round.
Do I have to change “ARM / 6.0 / stock” settings ?

Ah, I see, it’s the website. I misunderstood, sorry.

Works perfectly fine for me in Firefox.
The only way I get what you mention is by blocking JavaScript.

When I choose the “pico” variant, no package found either.
When I press the button, it turns red, but it doesn’t go further.
Maybe I’ll try later.

It still works for me.
Maybe try a different browser, and just for testing disable Add-ons that block stuff.

Exact !
It works with another browser than Firefox.
Thanks !

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