Install LineageOS coming from FPOOS

Hello fellow forumlings!

I am considering to install lineageOS on my FP2. I write this post to bring together my thoughts, ask questions and maybe you have something to add. This post will get edited.

I do have the knowledge on how to install alternate OS’. I have installed ROMs like Cyanogenmod many times on multiple different phones (Moto Milestone, GNEX, Samsung S4, HTC etc.) , so I know about unlocking, rooting, TWRP, ADB, fastboot etc, but I haven’t done it since 2017.

Thoughts and concerns:
My FP2 is my daily driver for private and business use. I want it to stay that way, also with LineageOS.

So my main question is: Is LineageOS currently eligible for daily use?

  • Call people without having your phone randomly reboot on you (yes it does and don’t give me the #rebootsguide treatment, I’ve been through it :wink: )
  • Use a cable headset while doing it (this works as it should right now)
  • Have a stable WiFi that you can turn off and on at will without needing to reboot
  • browse the web with Firefox Klar as in “get information off duckduckgo, the fairphone forums, newspapers etc, maybe play the occassional video on a news site”
  • watch youtube videos online or offline with NewPipe and
  • listen to music without having to manually reboot because the sound crackles and pops (speaker or headset, doesnt matter)
  • Reddit with RedReader or another alternative app
  • Take a photo or video occassionally without hassle (just point and shoot)
  • occassionally use offline GPS navigation. Currently I use “here” for that. By default, GPS is off.

Keeping my data:
Music and DCIM folders

  • No problem. Simply copy onto PC and then back after lineaging the phone.


  • are restored by means of openGAPPS
  • install openGAPPS after lineageOS, automatic backup and restore, I expect no problems.


  • chat history restores automatically after installing telegram
    ! exception: encrypted chats


  • local backup happens automatically every day. Google Drive backup is disabled.
    ? Which file(s) or folder(s) do I need to copy onto my computer and then back onto my newly lineage’d phone after installing whatsapp?
    ! storage\emulated\0\Whatsapp*.* -r

Hardware Media Control

  • currently, I use Xposed framework and Gravitybox to enable a couple of tweaks like the size of the navigation buttons, cutom statusbar and hardware button media controls (mainly “volume up longpress is next track” and “volume down longpress is previous track”)
    ? is that unchanged or does LineageOS maybe have this feature already built-in?

? anything else I should consider?

I don’t know if you had your answers, but I’m going to answer nevertheless.

Yes. I had many less problems with Lineage than with FPOOS.

Even though I didn’t test all of these things, yes to all.

Many features that you got only through gravity box come with android 10 now, though you may want to still install xposed on Lineage. And I think this particular feature is available but I didn’t check.

Just check the Lineage 17.1 official thread to see the current bugs.
And lockscreen modification and charging sounds aren’t implemented in LOS 17.1 yet.

Hope this was useful. Sorry that no one answered.

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Thank you! I will make the change when I have some time. Since the Lockdown my workload has increased a lot. No time for mobile phone downtime.

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