Install gapps into a running LineageOS on Fp2?

A friend uses an FP2 with a gapp free LOS for years now. Unfortunately the German Corona App requires at least some google services to run on the phone, and my friend really wants to use the app.

What are my options here. I have never actively installed gapps on a phone, but from the LOS documentation it looks like it should be done on a clean install?

Or could open gapps be an option? I have never used those before…

Many thanks, Philipp

Open GApps is a way to install GApps on Android OSes which don’t have them. These are not two different things.
The Open GApps project packages the real Google Apps and services into ZIP files you can install with a recovery such as TWRP or via ADB sideload.

Your other post suggests a Google account would not be needed anymore to run the Corona App, but in case a Google account would be needed for something else …

Ah, many thanks for this! I never really thought about open gapps until now, obviously…

So just to be sure: this is the way to go, and it also works on a system that has been in use for some time? I’d go with arm, and the pico package: sounds great!

I don’t know. Back when I used it, I started to use it with a new install.

The FAQ mention a clean install a few times, and obviously installing GApps depending on the chosen package may replace some stock AOSP Apps with their GApps counterparts.

Be safe with a backup of all the important data from the phone in any case.

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