"Install Fairphone OS offline" failed but locked the bootloader

Very interesting :thinking:
There isn’t any code in flash_fp4_factory.command (flash_fp4_factory.bat just runs that script) that could (should) relock the bootloader.
Do you remember at what point the script failed or what the output was?

Normally this happens when “OEM Unlock” ist not set in Developer Options

There isn’t any code in flash_fp4_factory.command (flash_fp4_factory.bat just runs that script) that could (should) relock the bootloader.

Good to know.

Do you remember at what point the script failed or what the output was?

The script didn’t look like it failed: I think I saw a “succesful” message but unfortunately there’s no “pause” command at the end of the script so I’m not sure. As my FP4 rebooted afterwards I felt confident.

Normally this happens when “OEM Unlock” ist not set in Developer Options

My feeling excactely! But I didn’t change the setting after using the “flash_fp4_factory.command” script as my FP4 ran into the boot loop. I’ve not seen the first setup wizard since.

As it is, I’m glad it boots into Fastboot Mode at all.

If your phone rebooted automatically, the script should have run without errors. The reboot get’s initiated last and errors during during checksum validation or flashing partitions will show you a prompt you have to interact with. So either the problem stems from one of the steps that don’t automatically throw an error, like wiping frp, misc, modemst1 / modemst2 or this maybe isn’t related to the installation procedure at all :thinking:
Could you please link to the installation instructions you followed to get iode installed, perhaps there is something we are missing here?! A lot of these cases involve switching from some other custom ROM back to vanilla FPOS (not all of them though), there has to be an explanation buried somewhere…

Just to be clear, the bootloop started immediately after flashing, right? Did the actual bootprocess start at all (those dancing blue dots) or did it go straight back to fastboot every time?

Sadly, with a locked bootloader, fastboot isn’t all that useful… :roll_eyes:

Just to make sure we have tried all the options, can you reach recovery either through the option in fastboot or by running fastboot reboot recovery?

In any case, I suggest you #contactsupport if you haven’t already, reviving a bricked phone isn’t something the community can do at this point.

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Hello The Kringel,

Iḿ having the same issue your having. I unlocked my phone installed /E/. Then I restored the original firmware as described in “https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405858261777?s=09

After this my phone booted niceley into the original FairPhone Welkom screen. I powerd of the device re-enterd the Fastboot screen and locked the bootloader again.

After locking the bootloader my phone gave an error saying that the firmeware isn´t trusted and then the phone enterd the bootloop your decribing but now with the “Device state - locked” so all fastboot commands arn´t working anymore, including the unlock commands.

It looks to me like after the " fastboot flashing lock_critical" and " fastboot flashing lock" command it reset the android option “OEM unlock” to disable thereby disabeling the option to unlock it from fastboot.

I’ve followed the process a little bit more thoroughly and it seems that reinstalling FPOS resets “OEM unlock” to “disable”. Unfortunately you can’t reenable it then as the option is greyed out while bootloader is unlocked. And you can only enable the option when locking the bootloader. But you can’t lock the bootloader because then you run into the problem described in this topic… :man_shrugging:


That’s a normal behaviour
If the bootloader is unlocked, then this option is inactive, because it is only to allow you to unlock it, and it is still unlocked :wink:
On every ROM.

Yes, but on other ROMs it’s not a “devil circle” leading to a hard bricked device…
And before reinstalling FPOS it was AFIK greyed out but set to “OEM unlock enable” in my case.


Hello Bram1978,

exactly the same problem with me. How did it go for you? Were you able to repair it or did you have to send it in?

Hi guys,

just to let you know: I opened a case with Fairphone and wait for an answer (besides the case number).



I’ve created a support call with FairPhone. I’m now waiting for their reply.

Hello again,

got feedback from Fairphone support. My phone has to be reflashed at their repair center in France. Price will approximately be about 30€.



I’ve gotten the same offer from FairPhone.


Thanks @the.kringel and @Bram1978 for the information.
That is 30€ including everything (shipping to & from Cordon)?

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Hello urs_less,

The € 30,- is an estimation. I live in The Netherlands, not don’t know if they have other rates for other countries.

Here the quote form the e-mail I received.
“The cost for shipping, handling, diagnosis & software flashing are typically around €30.”


Thanks for reply. I got the same offer shipping the phone to france. So bad there is no other solution…

yes, that’s really bad, but at the moment the cheapest one.
It’s only FP who can re-flash it.
with other manufacturers, the users are much worse off. there you are often left alone and a bricked device stays bricked.


That’s right, a plus point for FP. At least it’s better than having to buy a new one.
Does anyone have experience with what duration you have to count approximately?

Depends, the actual fix of your problem doesn’t take too long, they shipped it back to me within two days of paying. What might take time is that they’ll first send you a quote for a new phone. Then you have to talk to FP support again before they send you a new quote for the actual fix, in my case that took about 5 working days

Maybe now with more cases of this issue and therefore more experience on Cordon side this forth and back might no longer be necessary… :thinking:

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