Install e/os on my FP4

Hi there! I’m looking for some local group to find someone near me who can install e/os on my brand new FP4, following the procedure in this link : Install /e/ on a Fairphone FP4 - “FP4”
How can I find the local groups? I anyway indicate where I am, just in case there is someone who could help near me reading this : 13310 Saint Martin de Crau, France.

You can find them by searching for #localcommunities or have a look at the fairphoneangel map #fairphoneangels

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Thanks for your help!

See about #fairphoneangels as recommended by yvmuell, there’s one at Montpellier (at the moment).

Thank you, I’ve wrote them, but they don’t seem to be very active, last post is from february :frowning:
A friend in Mejico is gonna help me, guiding me throuth the process remotly, hope I won’t brick my phone! I’ve had support from eos through emails, and it should work. They are very reactive and helpfull, not like the fairphone shop from whom I’m still waiting for an answer…

Hi. I’ve a FP4 on eOS. Can I suggest you to reach eFoundation blog? I think there you can find some useful information.

Are you talking about this website?

Yes, but particularly this:
You can find many threads about installing eOS on a FP4.


Thank you, it’s been usefull! I’ve created an account there and askesd my questions.

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I’ve saw. Good luck!

I bought a FP4 with e/os and I can only support your wish to change if you don’t need the camera (such nuicances as flash doesn’t work or 6 s from pressing the button to taking the photo, then another x seconds to save the picutre, and if you swtich off before pic is 0k), you have no picky apps like banking apps or car apps that won’t work bc os is “hacked”, you don’t need android auto (for navigation or playing songs e.g.) and are willing to pay extra for normally free things like an email program with support for MS exchange.
As you can guess by now I wanted to change to Fairphone os, I followed the instruction to the letter and it doesn’t work bc e/os says I don’t have the rights to write there.
In a nutshell: I support your wish to change but from my own experience I can only support that if you know in advance that you won’t need all the features e/os does not have.

Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts!

Sounds like you missed some unlocking command.
And I think it’s not /e/OS saying this but fastboot.
Otherwise you may elaborate a bit more on what you’ve done and what the results or problems were. So we can help you if you really want to change to FPOS.

And welcome to the forum! :wave:

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Fortunately for me, some italian bank apps that once don’t run, from version 0.23 start run (Banca Etica app, Fideuram app, Nexi…). Also run apps for authentication (Vip access, CieID…). But I’m lucky: when I installations eOS on my FP% I’ve been able to lock the bootloader.
For your interest, @Natha13, take a look at the specific thread of bank apps in the e forum.

Edit: [LIST] Banking Apps that work on /e/OS - Lists - /e/ community

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Hi @FP4_User , what’s the problem? Can I try to help you (in another thread, maybe in the e Forum), with my poor english and my simple user experience?

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Thank you, I will have a look at this list. And good news, tonigh, we had a second try at installing e/os and it was succesful!!!