Install ChatGPT app on FP3 LineageOS 20.0


When I go on Play Store to the ChatGPT app (the OpenAI app), there is the following error messge:

| Your device is not compatible with this version.

Here are the characteristics of my system:

  • FP3
  • LineageOS 20.0 Nightly
  • Rooted with Magisk

Do you know if it is because of the device itself (FP3), the system or the fact that it is rooted? Do you see a workaround? Thanks by advance!

Possibly due to its being rooted. Checked if play integrity work on your device? (Can be checked with tb checker)

Thanks, I am going to check that.

Thank you very much for your answer @Furdiburd. So, it says:

Basic integrity PASS
Device integrity FAIL
Strong integrity FAIL
Virtual integrity FAIL

What would you advise to me?

Install play integrity fix module for magsik then reboot and check it again. You need to pass device integrity

I have installed this magisk module and activated it. I also deactivated the other modules, and rebooted.
Actually the play integrity check still does not pass, same as before. :sob:
I don’t know how to figure out why.

Google patched it 2 hourago :C just saw ot on github

Edit: patch working again

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At last this worked on the evening, when the project owner commited a new version. Funny coincidence!
Thank you very much @Furdiburd !

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