Install a ROM (Lineage, Fairphone OS...) without lost all apps/settings : possible?


I’m currently running Lineage OS 15.1 but I’m having some trouble and I will maybe change back to Fairphone OS.
Last weeks, I have download several Lineage OS from
I boot on TWRP and I successfully install the image without format data partition.

After flashing, I retreived all my stuff and I was happy.

My question is the following : can I install last Fairphone OS with the same process without lost all my stuff (apps, setting…) ?

No. Switching to a different OS will delete all user data, so you’ll have to do a backup.
Switching from Lineage OS to FP OS means switching from Android 8 to Android 7, but even without that LOS and FP OS are too different.
Switching from LOS to LOS+microg is another story.

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Thanks you !
Last question : what about a same OS, but with update to major update (ie: from Lineage OS 14.x to 15.x) ?

That depends.
In case of LOS 14.1 (w/ microG) to 15.1 (w/ microG) the upgrading worked without losing any data (or other issues) for me.

Be warned.
It may work, but be prepared to install from scratch if it doesn’t.

Installing from scratch is always the clean solution causing the least trouble in the long run. Time well spent :slight_smile: .

Thanks for your anwsers !
I’m a linux user and I wonder why technically we can’t have under android ALL apps settings securised on a separate “/home” partition.
A system change should not disturb main apps settings IMHO

I’m a linux user and have over the years experienced multiple instances where settings folders (on /home) needed to be deleted in order to get the desktop environment to start properly after major upgrades. With upgrades I run the risk, but switching distros I make a copy of /home/user/Documents, but remove everything else as keeping it too often causes headaches later on.

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