Instagram video upload problem

Hi all,
I have a problem using instagram. It works fine for pictures, but when I upload a video, the image becomes jerky once it has been posted. The sounds stays ok, only the image is affected.
Am I the only one having this problem? Do you know if it is linked to the Fairphone or Android 6? I looked online for Android 6 related problem and could not find anything…

Thanks in advance!

I both doubt that it is an Android 6 or Fairphone issue. My wife’s FP1 has started doing exactly this in Whatsapp after the upgrade from Android 4.2 to 4.4. Didn’t take the time to investigate this issue yet, though.

Thanks Martin!

It never happened with my old phone (Samsung) and I have never seen this before, which is why I thought it might be Fairphone related.

I tried to troubleshoot with no success :
I wanted to upload a video from my laptop to see if it would still happen (you can emulate an iphone from Safari) but then I could not upload the video at all (MP4).
I also used InShot to re-export it (not sure if the encoding would have changed?) but it still did the same.
It doesn’t happen at the preview stage, only after the upload.

The thing is I use it for personal reason only, it is not a work tool so I am not that bothered to spend hours looking into it, but if I’m not alone having this issue and if there is a quick fix, I’ll happily take it. If not… it’ll just have to be my signature I guess :slight_smile:


I’m facing issues on Instagram as well.
When uploading a video, I get the progress bar showing but staying blank and not progressing.
There’s no way of cancelling or pausing, it just disappears after a while (while using all my battery until it’s gone!).
I also get a similar issue (freezing/restart of the app) when I try to load 7+ pictures, especially if they’re of high quality.

I had similar issues a while ago that have just stopped (maybe because of a software update), so waiting for the next update to see if it’s fixed…
However I use Instagram for professional reasons so that’s becoming a real issue.


I’m having a nightmare with Instagram at the moment. It’s become basically unusable: on opening I get usually just get a blank white screen now, sometimes the ability to scroll a few pics on the timeline, but trying to access anyone’s stories or watch any videos is long and futile. I haven’t even tried uploading any posts of my own as I’ve had similar freezing/restarting/crashing problems too.

Last week I was struggling to view videos as they were loading very slowly when unmuted (seemed to play fine when muted) so I deleted and reinstalled the app, and it’s gotten much worse since. I know at least one FP2 user who isn’t having these issues though. I recently freed up space by transferring data to my SD card, so I don’t know if that’s having some sort of effect, but it’s extremely frustrating.

I now have issues with posting simple pictures on my story as well.
It either keeps loading or it will post but only much later, or if I turn off my phone and back on (sometimes!)

I did a factory reset to see if that would fix the problem and it didn’t (although my phone is a bit faster now for other things).

So now my only hope is that Android 7 would fix things? Maybe the latest Instagram version is too advanced to be supported by Android 6?

I really need to get this sorted, if anyone has other ideas…

I have just tried that and it works fine for me, so I don’t think it’s an Android 6 problem. My Fairphone 2 is rather recent (less than 6 month old) but that should not have an impact, right?

Mine dates from January 2016 (first batch), so I wonder if it’s just old?
But what are the solutions if it is apart from buying an new phone? Aren’t Fairphones supposed to last?

I’m pretty sure it’s a software issue, thus no need to get a new phone. I’d rather try the typical things to do when a phone doesn’t behave as expected: Clear caches, reset to factory defaults and so on.

Thank you, how do you clear caches?
I’ve done a factory reset already and nothing has changed regarding Instagram, if not worse.

And for the other caches I think you have already done that pretty much:

If none of that helps there’s still the option to try an alternative os.

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I also experience issues with my FP2 (1st batch, android 6) and Instagram, when uploading multiple photos in a post, when I try to change order or edit them, the phone hangs and restarts. When I post them as is, it’s usually ok. However, when uploading a MP4 video, it simply won’t publish after editing and tagging. First time trying this week. Now I tried to delete Instagram and install the edition from August, but it doesn’t help. I might try to install the os and see if it works.

Hi! A little late reply here but… I have the exact same issue and I can’t remember if it’s always been like that or something that changed at some point. It affects the regular videoposting a bit but posting a video to Stories looks terrible.

It’s beyond my understanding what can be the cause. I tried figuring out the frame rate before and after posting , since frame-drops seems to be the reason why it looks so choppy after posting. but no luck.

I just got Fairphone 2 and I have this exact same problem!! It is soo frustrating… My boyfriend also has the same problem with his Fairphone 2. Maybe we should ask them that what is it and how to fix it? No other phone has this problem.

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Fact check:


I’m a new fairphone 2 user and I’m also facing this problem with uploading videos to Instagram - the videos are distorted (it’s the same if I try to watch the video on my phone, either direct from Google Drive or if I transfer the video to my phone)
I’ve only just got the phone and I’m running on updated OS 7.1.2 Nougat
Did anyone come up with an answer to this problem yet? It’s never happened with any other phone I’ve had