Instagram stories problem

Hi! I just got my FP3 and have a problem with instagram; i can only have one “story”, since the ‘plus’ button of adding stories disappears when i already have 1 story. I have uninstalled and installed several times and nothing changes, so I started thinking that is a problem of the phone and not of the app.
any suggestions? thanks!!

Have you been able to create more than one story on other phones?

I’m not using Instagram myself but I’m rather sure that this is not phone related. Maybe an issue between iOS and Android (if at all)?


you can only have one Insta story yourself.

For all other options, for example adding stories to your story highlights, see[0]=Instagram%20Help&bc[1]=Using%20Instagram

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I don’t use Instagram, but this is simply the first thing my internet search for “download all my content and Instagram stories as well” comes up with …