Instagram Fairphone 3 +

Is anyone else in the UK having an issue with the latest update of Instagram?
My phone has Android 11 on it and all the latest updates and has been having no issues until today.
It now only shows a white screen withe Instagram logo in the centre.
I have done a forced stop of the app but no effect. I have uninstalled, restarted the phone then reinstalled but the problem still persists.
I suppose I may need to wait the next update of the app but would just like to know if anyone else is having this issue. Thanks

  • Did you also clear the cache and storage after the forced stop?

Out of curiosity do you use an SD card and how much memory do you have left.

Hi brianleach

Neither in the UK nor using that app but this smells like a bug in the app:


No I didn’t but I assumed perhaps incorrectly that uninstalling would do that.

Yes there is a 128gb card and approx 75% used.

I thought that but my Samsung S10 running Android 12 has not had the same problem.

That shouldn’t be a problem if it’s formatted as external and shows the eject icon. The issue is more with the default 64Gb when it only has 10% left.

A forced stop is not the same as uninstalling, well not for apps as I understand them.

I don’t use Instagram, but do use WhatsApp, Signal and Threema

Ok, could have been a reason.
By searching the web for “instagram white background logo” I`ve found plenty of hits about bugs in the instagram app after updates (btw: seems to be a really “nice” piece of software :wink: ).

What @anon9989719 described about forced stop & cleaning cache is mentioned pretty often in there as an solution, best is to try this first.

Otherwise maybe some of those advices may help you * fingers crossed *


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Thanks for all that. Sadly nothing seems to work. Tomorrow I will try and reinstall an older version!!


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Interesting. Instagram issued another update today so obviously yesterday’s update didn’t go well.
Still no luck so removed the app, restarted then downloaded the previously working version of the app. This didn’t work either sadly so I was resigned to waiting for another update.
However I thought as a last resort I might update to the latest version leapfrogging yesterday’s and hey presto it is now back.
Slightly worryingly the app remembered my login details so notwithstanding the removal of the app the deleting of the cache and the storage and then restarting the phone the details were still on the phone somewhere.

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