Input more language, dictionary

I need more than one language while typing texts, and when I tried this solution, I don’t have

input languages

Here is how to enable this (the earth icon next to the clavier): go to Settings > Language & Input > the settings-symbol next to Android keyboard (AOSP) > Input Languages. There you can select the languages, you want to be available.

The subject being closed, I started here a new one.

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Maybe you could try the following: go to Settings > Language & input > Android Keyboard (AOSP) > Languages. Turn off “Use system language” and choose as many languages as you want. Does this work for you?


Or you could go to the play store and download an other keyboard. I think there are some keyboards specially designed to make multi-language input easier to type.


While it is true some other telephones permits you (samsung), it is not available in most of them.

You can use a third party keyboard. Some of them free others payable.

Try Swiftkey permits you up to 3 simultaneous languages. Others with multiple languages : Hacker’s keyborad, Ginger, Swype, Slideit, Go…


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I agree with what has been said before: There are third party keyboards with much better support for multiple languages, like swiftkey or touchpal.

I use the google keyboard for multi languages, because their dictionaires are so much better than with the AOSP keyboard.

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