ING Banking app not working after update to Android 10

Neither ING nor Fairphone Support have been able to solve / help. (I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times by now. The problem started after the security update to Android 10 but persists even after the “August 2020” security patch). The app simply gets stuck as soon as I select any option (Get Started, Settings, etc. - after uninstalling it, it’s no longer linked to my bank account)

Does anyone else use the ING banking app (in Germany)? Any other apps that stopped working after the update?

No Problem here, ING banking app works for me on Android 10 before and after Upgrade.
And I had no Problems with Apps after update in general.

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Yesterday, I updated my FP3 to android 10 .
Read your issue and clicked some options, made a transfer, everything works fine.
The ING App works before and after the Update

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my ING App works also fine … before and after upgrade

I recently upgraded from Android 9 to Android 10 and ran into the issues that everyone is experiencing now. But in addition, some applications no longer worked. All have the characteristic of going on the internet. For example: DuckDuck or Bank (for Credit Suisse). In my case, it seems that the problem was with Android System WebView which I had disabled. As soon as I reactivated this strange component, the applications worked normally. It’s a little weird, because with Android 9 there wasn’t any problem. I don’t know if the issue is with updating from Android 9 to Android 10 or security update.

I use the ING app in Germany without problem, even after the update.

DE: Ich nutze die ING App ohne Probleme, auch mit dem neuesten Update.

It’s rather weird that you didn’t have a problem with Android 9.

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Just to report this issue is resolved now. Fairphone Support made two more suggestions for things I could try - updating Android System Web View was one of them, but that didn’t solve my problem. Their second suggestion was to check that there was not an SD card set up as system drive. (During the upgrade, Android has asked me whether to turn my SD card into a system drive, and I’d opted for “yes”, letting Android format it and put apps and files on there - after all, that’s what I had bought and added the thing for). When I reverted it to a “portable” drive that wouldn’t store apps or files (and formatted it all over again…), this solved the ING Banking app issue.

TLDR: ING Banking App didn’t work because there was an SD card set up to store files and apps inside the phone.

Thanks all for the suggestions and experience reports.


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