Inconsistent background blur


I have a brand new FP5 and noticed that the camera tends to add an inconsistent background blur to photos.

See for instance below photo.

The pink sweater is blurred in a rather artificial way.
The sleeve is okay, but the zones around the shoulder and wristwatch are not.

Is it possible to obtain a better result by changing settings? Can the blurring be switched off?


Did you use portrait mode? If so that would be rather normal and can be avoided by not using portrait mode

I didn’t switch to portrait mode as far as I remember. Is there a way to check that afterwards?

No afterwards not I think, however next time you take a picture…

Else did you test different settings? Do you have the AI scene detection enabled? Are really all pictures like this?

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The AI scene detection was indeed enabled. This seems to have caused the unintentional switch to portrait mode.
I will disable it and check if the results are better. Thanks!