Incompatibility with free style libre

Software to help diabeties follow their blood sugar is designed for smart phones, yet seems incompatible with the fairphone. A réal shame. Is software progress going to allow such compatibility?

According to the website the software only exists for PC and Mac.
Only they can tell you if they plan on developing an Android app too.

The software is incompatible as the FP2 has no NFC chip.
That’s the decision of Abbott, who are not really champions in software development, btw…

If you by chance mean this App here …

… the Play Store states

“Compatibility may vary between phones and operating systems. Learn more about compatible phones at”

Ok, there it says in the FAQ that communication is done via NFC, so Android smartphones need to have NFC.

The Fairphone 2 doesn’t have an NFC chip, and that’s hardware that’s missing, so …



Yes they first developped only for mac but have now got it running on Android specifically.
That’s why i expected compatibility.


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