INCOMING calls are not visible and difficult to open

When someone is calling me, the phone rings. When I push the “on” button on the right side of the phone, the ringtone stops, I have to “start” the phone, close all apps with the right touch-button (the main “button” in the middle is not working either), open the phone call app and there I need to push “come back to the phone call”, pushing this and then it is the first time I can see who is calling me… pretty weird! Any other people with the same problem or even an idea how to fix it. Calling someone is no problem.

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Are you saying that the display stays dark when you get a call?

yes, it stays dark or when I am using the phone while call comes in, the display stays as it is. but the whole process afterwards is almost more annoying :smiley:

Go to Settings > Maintenance > Proximity Sensor to calibrate the sensor anew. See if that helps with these issues.

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Unfortunately, nothing changes

I’m not sure I fully understand your issue, but from the title it sounds like an issue that is usually solved by checking the phone app’s permissions in the system settings.

The phone app has persmission to contacs and “phone” (I don’t think it should be necessary to give it persmission for “Standort” (place?) and “Speicher” (memory)!?!?

I am just checking mine (where it is working perfectly).
How about “App-Benachrichtigungen”?
I have activated “Kurzes Einblenden zulassen”, the rest is disactivated.

As side-note: mine has location permissions, but the question is valid, why should it need this?



thank you a lot, it helped and its working now (still without persmission for location :wink: btw)

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