"Do not disturb" is automatically activated when calling

Hi everyone !

Since I’ve updated my FP2 to Android v7 the “Do not disturb” mode is automatically activated during a call. Is there a way to avoid having it activated ?

PS : I can desactivate it manually during the call and it’s not activated when I’m using bluetooth or headset.

Does the display turn reliably dark when your call starts? Or might it stay active and take unintended pushes that might trigger an action?

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The display doesn’t turn black, it stays active and many unwanted actions are triggered… To avoid it, I usually turn the screen off with the “power” button.

Thanks for answering and sorry for not replying earlier, for some reason I didn’t receive a notification when you answered.

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The proximity sensor seems to work better now, thanks ! It helps with the unwanted actions but unfortunately it doesn’t with my initial issue.

The “Do not disturb” mode is not activated by mistake but by android itself each time I make a call.

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