Incessant voicemail notifications

I know this has been covered before, but 2-3 years ago and the threads were closed without resolution.
About 2 weeks ago, having previously been OK, my FP2 started notifying me incessantly of non-existent voicemail messages. When I wake it up, it’ll deliver a barrage of them, seconds apart.
I’ve been into voicemail and there are no messages; I’ve left myself one and deleted it; I’ve gone into Apps > Phone > notifications and silenced then blocked them all; to no avail. SHUT UP DAMMIT!!!
At the same time as this began, the FP2 deleted my wallpaper, and installed an unwanted Apps swipe-up button on my home screen.
Did anyone come up with a fix to the notifications problem?
I’m near the end of my tether with FP2 (this is on top of the WiFi recognition problem, poor battery life, etc.)

“Voicemail notification” sounds like a service from your telco provider. Maybe the corresponding app notifies multiple times until listened to it?

“Deleted my wallpaper”, “installed unwanted Apps swipe-up button on my home screen” sounds a bit like some mal app. Hopefully you find the cause and can remove it.

Poor battery life: For how long do you use this battery? Did you try to reset its statistics (using until turn-off, charging completely to 100% while turned-off, using until turn-off, charging once more)? Maybe certain massive data-using apps do their best as well?

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Thanks - but it’s not a genuine alert, I have checked for voicemail and there’s none, I sent myself one, played it, and deleted it carefully, to cycle the system; no change. The alerts come in surges when I wake the phone, and intermittently if it’s sleeping, like nightmares.
Battery life is a known problem with FP2 so I’m not concerned about that, just resigned to it!

Is it really the same app that gives this voicemail notification? To me looks you got some malicious app on your phone doing undesired visible and maybe invisible things.

Battery life is a known problem depending on your apps. My battery is good for up to 2 days depending on Google services usage. The more account synchronizing, chat apps and facebooks and the like you install, the less time you got until recharge. Without Google services framework installed it lasts easily up to 4 days. Resetting battery statistics sometimes also helps.

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2 days battery is unheard of… I always charge it overnight but often during the day too.
If you search this forum on “voicemail notification” you find a number of people reported the problem in 2016… but not since. That’s odd.
If it’s not the Phone app, then what should I do, factory reset and start again?

Nope, I confirm 2 days as well. Though it depends on my kind of usage.
And I am admittedly not using wifi and bluetooth all the time and never social-media apps like fb.

I really wonder, how this behaviour could be routed in the phone and not in some kind of app/software/malware.
And if it’s unwanted software, I guess a factory reset would really be the way to go.

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If these are coming in as normal system notifications (disregarding the content for the moment), you could just long-tap them to find out which App was initiating them.


Good idea.
It’s Phone Services. I’ve silenced it (again - I already tried that once, in Apps). But really I want to know why they’re coming!

Hi. In the last few weeks, my FP2 has also started constantly showing the voicemail notification icon when there are no voicemails. Has anyone found how to resolve this? I couldn’t see a solution in the current chat.

Resolved by asking the provider for a replacement SIM card - no more random voicemail notifications.


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