In search for open to do list app

Hello everybody,

I am searching for a to do list/task manager app on my Fairphone, that has the following specifications:

  • it should be open source
  • it doesn’t have to be free (could cost something)
  • I would like to use it on my Fairphone (with Open OS) as well as on my Mac (Mac OS).
    Does someone of you have recommendations for this issue?

I have already read about synchronisation and things like DavDroid and CalDAV server , but I must say, I don’t really get how this works. Maybe someone could explain it to me. If I install a to do list app on my Fairphone and sync the content, to where can it be synced on my Mac? Don’t I need something like a “receiving app” there?

Thank you!

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While I cannot personally vouch for its functionality (I carry around a little moleskin notebook), it looks to me like Standard Notes may fit the bill. It’s available for Mac and Android and you can even self-host it. It’s published under the GNU Affero General Public License, which is a libre copyleft license.


or Nextcloud Notes?

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When searching on F-droid you get the following list:

I have no experience with any of those apps, so you will have to try yourself after checking the homepages for the functions you need. :wink:

Thank you rmf and BrFabian for the hints, I will try these out!

Thanks BertG as well, good idea to do the search from this way. But all these apps are only android apps, seemingly.

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My bad!
Should have read your (short) list of specifications rather more carefully.

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No problem at all! :slight_smile:

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I’d also like such a thing, with synchronization to smartwatch. Perfect way to do groceries. Basically, all I need is Google Keep.

Without smartwatch sync, it seems Carnet fits the requirements:

I have not tried it myself, because I’ve been disappointed by all the FOSS options I tried. But its on my to-do list…

[EDIT]I’ve actually installed it. Desktop version can import from Google Keep. Kinda weird, as its Electron anyway. Gonna see if it can sync between two accounts (also an important feature Google Keep has).[/EDIT]


Maybe at first sight not precisely what you’re looking for, but if I were you I would give Simplenote a try:


I use Open Tasks from F-Droid. My setup:


  • Open Tasks
  • Davx5

Computer (Windows)

  • Thunderbird

Online Service

Works flawlessly!

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Thank you all for the hints, I will try them out (maybe not all of them and maybe not directly) and tell you which one I chose!

I can recommend OpenTodoList
The developer made the sync via Webdav happen and is very cooperative and quick in solivng issues.
I searched for an alternative to Wunderlist and the functionalities are very similar. It is also possible to share libraries with others and it is available on all major platforms.


That’s exactly what I am looking for, but you put a gitLab link, and I can’t find it in F-droid.
In this case, what is the procedure for installing this app?

From the GitLab link, you can go to “Releases” … … where it says

“Please find the download links for major platforms on GitHub.”

… and there you can download an APK file to install with your favourite file manager on the phone (once you have given it the permission to install stuff).


Another option is to add the IzzyOnDroid Repo to your F-Droid App and you will find the OpenToDoList and get updates via F-Droid


I’m a daily user of the aforementioned Standard Notes. While it’s more of a note-taking app than a straightforward to-do list, I can vouch for its quality. The ethics of the small team that produces it are top-notch too.


Thank you for your proposals, everyone. I am now using OpenTodoList as cricksterr proposed and am very happy with it.

This may be niche but if you use org mode with emacs there is orgzly or syncOrg+mobileOrg available on Fdroid.
Org mode is a plaintext markdown format used to structure life, code and (most likely) the universe.

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