In case of phone lost: Recommended apps on Fairphone Open OS?

Dear Fairphone community,

this week I thought I would have lost my Fairphone. Luckily I didn’t but this brought me to the question which precautions are helpful in case I’d lose it.

Of course, encryption and display lock are obvious but I very much like the idea of remote controlling apps in case of a lost which can lock, locate or wipe it. The one I installed (Kaspersky) didn’t work at all…

I did some research and most of them use the Google frame work to gain system’s administrators access (like and google’s own solution). So my question is: Do you have any suggestions for an application for remote access working on Fairphone Open OS?

I would be very happy about some ideas and a nice and active discussion as far as there are different opinions!



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I moved this to #software, as - while the title/question indicate that you are looking for privacy aware/google free apps - these apps will most likely not only work on Open OS.

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