Improving the tagging feature

I like the tags-plugin a lot but I think it has room for improvement.

Specifically there are two features I’d like to see, which I also posted on the discourse forum:

  • pinning topics within a tag-view ( like #wiki ) and
  • allowing smileys as tags (like :fr:, :de:,… )

Pinning topics within a tag-view would bring the following perks:

  • Wiki Posts Explained should be pinned or even bannerd in the #wiki view.
  • I gave some topics which are referred to very often a unique tag to link to them very quickly ( #privacyimpact, #batteryguide, #gpsguide, #touchscreentest, #featurerequests::tag #bugslist::tag ). Naturally when a tag is created other people will use it too, but if the topic I want to refer to is no longer the first one in the tag-view my little trick won’t work so well any more. If the topics were pinned there it would still work but people could also use e.g. the #touchscreentest tag when they have problems with the touchscreen test.
  • PS: we could dissolve the dictionary and instead create a topic pinned/bannered within the tags explaining words like #root, #floss and #xposed.

The smileys as tags would imo be a improvement to our way of marking non-english threads with flags, simply because clicking on the flag would take you to all threads in that language.
Once a language-flag-tag is created you’d only have to type in e.g. “fr” in the tags-field and the french flag will be suggested to you. Now you have to write :fr: in the title-field.

What do you guys think?


I feel that you thought well about all this and that it seems a good and elaborate plan.