Impressed by the approach but a few questions

Good morning, everyone,

I have just discovered fairphone and I must confess that I am both admiring and impressed by the product. I haven’t had the opportunity to see one in real life yet to see exactly, but after the few articles and info I’ve just read, I’m a little (very) tempted.

Sensitive to the ecological issue, I really like the concept. On the other hand, I don’t like the fact that the charger is sold separately. You’ll tell me it’s not so bad but still. The phone is not compatible with all chargers, so maybe that’s my little (very little) downside.

And as for the question of the repair itself, like it’s really really possible? Even when you’re tech-savvy? How do you identify where the problem comes from?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


The charger is sold separately because of ecological aspects. So I think you should like it. It avoids electronic waste in case you already have a charger.

I think this is mainly because not all chargers are working with the fast charging feature. You’ll find more details e.g. here or at other places in the forum.
So in case you have a compatible charger you can use it, in case you don’t have one you’re free to buy one in the FP shop. I think that’s a good deal.

I think most repairs are possible when you’re tech-savvy as in most cases you just need a screwdriver.
Asking in the forum may help to identify a problem in case you have one.
Still it all depends on the problem and on the necessary repair…


I charge the FP3 with an iPod charger that I got in the year 2005. Works without any noticable problems. It probably takes 3 hours instead of 1 to fully charge it though.

I have multiple USB-C cables, all from different devices that always came with a cable, so I was happy to not recieve another one. And while one of them didn’t work, another did. I haven’t tested them all yet, as I pretty much went on vacation as soon as I had my new phone, but I will when I’m home again. So I guess if you have 0-1 cables, it is taking a small risk of it not charging, but I guess most people would rather see if it works with what they have to reduce the waste.

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I agree with what’s being said, an extra charger that ends up not being used is wasteful, and about compatibility is a matter of whether it supports QuickCharge or not but you can use pretty much any charger (I strongly advise against cheap ones), it’ll just load at “normal rate”.

The fact that you can disassemble your phone easily is not on itself an indicator that you can fix just about everything, but the most common phone hardware issues are things like cracked screens, faulty batteries and water damage. Even if you are not very tech savvy you should be able to fix those on your own with the screwdriver provided.


Just to make sure: If you have a working phone, don’t buy an FP3, but try to use it for as long as possible.
The most sustainable device is always the one you already own.


How to find the source of trouble?
Well, there is the support page with a troubleshooting-tool for every phone model:

And for fixing problems, you got - besides this support-tool - the iFixIT page for the FP3:


wow that is really amazing!

I do have a phone but an old samsung big bounty and for work I am asked to download apps and … I can’t do it because my phone is saturated H24.
That’s why I had started my research and I came across fairphone.

But as mine still works very well despite the fact that you can’t download more than 2 apps (lol), I was planning to give it to someone who would be able to use it.


You could try to use an SD card. Many older phones have slots for them, maybe that could help :slight_smile:

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there’s already an SD card and I think that’s the worst part. You know the samsung grand prime?

I wouldn’t recommend it ahah, I thought of looking at the reviews on the phone (after purchase obviously otherwise it’s not funny). And he’s actually really “made that way”, there’s nothing we can do about it.

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