Impossible to switch my FP2 on. No led, no vibes, nothing at all


I had to switch off my phone due to a bug (no reaction from the phone, just a led orange was operating) NO answer from the phone. Impossible to switch it on. I tried severals procedure! No led, no vibes, nothing at all.

I connected it to my PC and received the informations ; qhsusb_bulk qualcomm, … !

Do you have informations about that problem? How could I fix it?

As we aren’t as yet talking about hardware repairs, I moved this to #fairphone2help.

The search results on “qhsusb_bulk qualcomm” don’t look good (as in processor is broken):

I’m wondering, how did you

? Maybe you can post an image.

Now when I connect my FP2 to my pc there is no reaction.

Sometime, when charging, the led is red, sometime. If I buy a core module it should be good?

You cannot buy the core module individually.

If you are near #fairphoneangels, contact them and meet up with someone. They can help you find the issue.

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Actually, you can buy the core module currently :wink: .

Whether it makes sense to buy one is another matter, though

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More expensive that previously sold by fairphone.
Does it makes sense?

Only if

  • your phone is out of warranty (2 years)
  • #contactsupport yields no helpful result
  • #fairphoneangels determine via part swapping or else that the culprit really is the core module
  • you want to invest that sum into keeping your Fairphone 2 going (seems that way)

I don’t understand what’s wrong with the core module. I was at home, the FP was charging, no use, no wifi, …

2 years it is so young,…

It is a joke from manufacturer!?

Planned obsolescence is rather something to be expected by other manufacturers, not FP.

I am pretty sure it is not as FP only has little room to maneuver in this highly competitive marked.

Yes, electronic devices may fail. Due to the high integration factor something like this can happen anytime.

I also think sticking to @AnotherElk advice is a good way to track down the fault and maybe solve it. With FP2 at least you have better chances than with any other mobile.

Yes, indeed, electronic devices may fail. Due to the high integration factor

Yes, with FP I receive support.
I contacted fairphone angels to determine the problem.

It is important for me to know if with an other core module it is still for 2 years or more.


How can I check if the battery is good or not?

Without a working phone I have doupts there is a way to do. Otherwise e.g. the accubattery app targets to measure the battery performance with each charge/discharge.
But once you can get the charge process going as intended (solid red/yellow/green led) and increasing battery fill level image this a first indicator the battery is usable.

Very good, I am sure someone can help you here.

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