Importing Contacts and photos

Hi all, I did search on topics but couldn’t find anything exact sorry. I have inserted my sim card and SD card from my old FP2 to my new FP2. How do I transfer my contacts and photos over please? Many thanks. Paul

Importing SIM card contacts might depend a bit on your contacts App and therefore perhaps on your OS.
If you come from another FP2, are there contacts stored on the SIM card at all (as it’s not the default place where Android would store them)? Did you put them there before “moving”?

What exactly does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number?
Or do you use a contacts App you installed yourself?

The contents of the SD card could be copied over by connecting your phone to a PC and do it via a file explorer there, or probably less comfortable via a file explorer on the phone.
That is, if you didn’t choose the SD card to be adopted into Internal Storage on the old FP2, then you wouldn’t have access to it anywhere else.

Anyway … proceed with caution:

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