IMPORTANT: planned forum downtime due to server maintenance

On Wednesday July 8th between 09:00 and 13:00 (local Dutch time) the forum will not be accessible due to server maintenance.

What is happening?
The forum server will be moved to a different hosting provider (located in Amsterdam), which operates its data centers with high energy efficiency standards and a long-term goal of using 100% clean and renewable energy.

The forum software (Discourse) will be upgraded to the latest version, solving pending bugs and adding new features.

Why is this happening?
Fairphone IT is migrating many of its services to a managed infrastructure. Including the forum enables us to leverage automated maintenance and deployment tools which makes it easier for us to keep the forum secure and up-to-date.


Would it be possible to have a changelog? Or if it exists, where can I find it?

There are some bugs that aren’t fixed though (mobile view problems).

I think the mobile view problems aren’t fixed as it’s not a Discourse bug but the issues are related to the CSS files used. And the CSS files have been copied to the new server.
If you need a workaround then I’d recommend to go to preferences -> Interface and change the Theme to “Fairphone Original”.


You can find it here:


One observation just made: I cannot view edits other forum member made to their replies anymore. I can only view my own edits to my own replies.
(Not complaining here, just mentioning.)

Can’t you see the yellow pencil or doesn’t the edit window open when you tap on it? On smartphone or computer? Which browser?

Clicking at the pencil (at the top right of a reply) shows no effect. The number of edits made is still shown there though. Clicking at the time mark next to it (“3m” or the like) still opens the link window. Firefox (desktop), MacOS 10.11.6.

As I said, I don’t see it as a defect, just thought people found it good to know.

EDIT: pencil is indeed yellow (orange)

EDIT #2: Same on Chrome 83.0.4103.116

EDIT #3 :blush: The pencil is sometimes orange, sometimes grey.

Yes, you’re right. It seems you need moderator rights now to open a foreign edit information page… Maybe @leomakkinje can have a look at it. Or we may open a ticket with forum support.

Thanks for testing. I for my part don’t need this to be reverted though.

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I see this option in the Settings. Let me know if I should enable it.

Edit History


I don’t think so. Or maybe we should do a poll.
Should the option mentioned by @leomakkinje be activated?

  • Yes
  • No

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I think before only moderators and leaders could see the edits, and now leaders don’t seem to be able anymore (as a member, before I wasn’t able either to see the edits of others). I don’t think this should be activated.

The number of cases where moderators edit posts to remove personal information that was accidentally included (e.g. when replying via e-mail) has been far larger than the number of cases where edits have changed the meaning of the post after others have responded. If the edit history is permanently visible to all, it becomes more difficult to fix accidental leaking of information.


But then I would have a question. Leaders can edit all posts, can’t they? So they would still be able to edit the posts, but not to see the edit history? I’m being curious :grin:

That’s correct. But what’s the reason they should see the history (even if they edit it)?

I see only one, that would be if one leader edits, but a moderator reverts to a previous version, and another leader coming behind would want to do the same edit, but I suppose it doesn’t happen very often.
This question just came to my mind and I’m a curious guy :slightly_smiling_face:

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On the extremely rare occasions I ever edit a post, I place an “Edit addendum” to the post, explaining what I did and why.

I do so for 2 reasons:

  1. Otherwise it would seem quite intrusive. Not only regarding the poster, tha I usually PM, but regarding all other readers as well, since the edited posting is no longer the original by the poster/author.
  2. When I do so for privacy-/safety-reasons by e.g. removing a phone-number, it serves as an explanation for other users, so they might not make the same “mistake”.

I now realize there is one point we didn’t consider yet: The edit history is quite useful for Wikis. it is often hard to detect a change made in a Wiki without the edit history.

It is still visible. Check it, for me it works.