Import contacts from VEF/VCF-File from SD Card

May gmail synchronization doesn’t work. How can I import contacts in VEF-file from sd-card?

Hi and welcome to the forum. Do you mean a vcf. file? in the contacts app you should have an import option in the settings? Did you try that?


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You can import contacts in .vcf-format in the Contacts app.

Open Contacts, select “Fix & manage” and select “Import from file”

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I add a little information about vce file and why don’t work easly…

I have search and the reason it’s linked to vce version file !

For android 9 and 10, past year, version 2 are used and for example, per default, thunderbird use version 4 , same for app contact on nextcloud

I have found the explaination when i have many error to export contact from android ( via app simple contact) and import it to nextcloud (before sync it via davx, i have test a backup… For test it… :wink: )

The way on my side:
Export from android
Put in thunderbird and export it on good version and it’s work on nextcloud with new vce file with good version

Here, i suppose your button fix adapt to good version for import it :slight_smile:

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Thanks to @yvmuell and @hirnsushi for references to VCF to make this findable for other people perhaps searching for it.
Topic title edited accordingly.

Perhaps of interest regarding VCF version 4 files …


The topic may have been correct as the VEF file is an HTC encrypted contacts format.

File extension vef is nowadays mostly known to be associated with a special backup file generated with contacts backup function on certain HTC devices.


Thanks, I even asked the internet and didn’t see this, my bad.
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@Ralf_Alexander_Deren: Can you confirm you really are dealing with VEF?


Interesting, didn’t know those existed :open_mouth:
I just noticed some typos and assumed VEF was one as well, but we all know what happens if you assume something…

The only (real world) references to .vef I could find is a question at Android Stack Exchange and a very short thread at XDA, both over 6 years old.
They suggest importing the .vef-file in the Google Contacts web version using a PC. If we are actually talking about a .vef-file, maybe this way still works :thinking:

If you look at my posts you see lots of those :rofl: I usually edit my posts many times after posting.

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