Implementing Ultra Power Saving Mode

So you probably know that Samsung have Ultra Power Saving Mode on their phones, which makes the screen go greyscale (black pixels don’t use power on an OLED display), underclocks the CPU and various other nifty things to get the most out of a single charge. Sony have a similar thing going with STAMINA mode, and even HTC have their own thing as far as I can remember.
What would it take to implement a similar feature on my FP2? Can I modify Fairphone Open OS to underclock the CPU etc.? What coding skills and knowledge of Android would I need to accomplish this?
And BTW I am aware of the battery saver, but ultra power saving mode is far superior.

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The Fairphone doesn’t have an (AM)OLED screen so turning pixels black won’t do anything. But yes, you can underclock the CPU eg with Kernel Adiutor.

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