"Immuni" Covid19 tracing app needs Google Play Services?

I installed the Italian Covid19-tracing app “Immuni” on my Fairphone2 with FP Open OS.
The app does not work. I suspect that this depends on my phone not having Google Play Services.
Can you confirm this? Do you know of any workaround?

If the app is designed to work with the Google/Apple solution for contract tracing, then you must have Google Play Services installed.

[Edit: Confirmed here that you need Google Play Services https://www.immuni.italia.it/download.html ]


There’s an attempt to rebuild the Google/Apple contact-tracing api for devices without GPS (Google Play Services) - at least for the german corona app. But as the source API is the same for all decentralized DP-3T-based versions (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and so on) I think there’s a possibility that it could work with other tracing apps too - once this open source implementation is available :slight_smile:


This is very good to know. Since I heard that Google and Apple contributed to the contact-tracing technology solution I kind of expected the Google Play Services to be necessary unfortunately.

It is good to know that there might be an alternative solution at some point.

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