Imgs from phone to cloud?

I’ve been trying to upload photos from my phone to a free repositorium (OneDrive) offered by my Outlook mail-account. Sometimes I can push a single image, but this time I want to send a group of photoes arranged in an album. I have no clue …

It might help to create an “archive” (compress into a single .zip file) from all the photos in the folder. This would allow the transfer of just one single file to the cloud then. I would recommend to first try this with just 2-3 photos into one .zip and then check if this can be transferred and uncompressed in the cloud.

Hi urs_lesse,
Thank you for your tip.
Could I eak the instructions to pass one photo out of you? I’m using an updated fp4.

I’ve used a full hour to download 5 images. Is this the standard? It appears as if I send them off, and … nothing happens. That way I cannot learn by mistake, so I’m just about clueless when an image haphasardously appears where it’s suspected to be.

Normally you can just automatically let the cloud pick-up all pictutes, or from a specific folder,.does this not work work? Or just select those you want to upload and click share and select One Drive? I dont think you need to create zip files

hi yvmuell,
Good to know what’s possible, but I’ll have to scale down my ambitions for now. I’ve found out what’s needed for a single download and it’s proceeding in fair speed now.
Thank you both