Imagine the Snapdragon processor is malware infected. What does it mean?

If the Snapdragon processor had a malware. What would it allow the attackers of said malware to do? Theoretically I’m talking. Would sending your data be something that can be done? Would welcome all thoughts on this subject.

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Could you please split up the second part of your post into another topic? That’s a whole different question.

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Yes, I just split it up. Thanks!

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Looking to hear opinions on this from engineers and people in the know.

I guess the following statement is also true for FP2’s design:
Citing from there:

Modern smartphones have a CPU chip, and a baseband chip which handles radio network communications (GSM/UMTS/LTE/etc.) This chip is connected to the CPU via DMA. Thus, unless an IOMMU is used, the baseband has full access to main memory, and can compromise it arbitrarily.

And afair research has shown that quality of baseband code is often in a terrible state.
(Found the link via


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