I'm trying to submit a support ticket but there's no CAPTCHA displayed

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I tried to submit a support ticket because my 'phone is broken but I get " The CAPTCHA verification failed. Please try again. "
There is no captcha displayed so I can’t submit my ticket.
It might be because I use noscript on Firefox but I have allowed all scriots for that page except Google.com and Google-analytics.com.


Can’t you just disable the addon for a second and reload the page, then you’ll know.

Alternatively you can send them a mail or call them. Find the contact info at #contactsupport.


CAPTCHA is a service provided by Google.


That seems to be apparent to OP


I also use NoScript and I can see the Captcha when google.com is (temporarily) allowed. You can keep google-analytics.com blocked.


It didn’t look as though because else @Frieda.FP would not have had to post in the first place.