I'm interested in a Fairphone 5 mini, but

Thank you for your answers.

I’m going to visit a store where I can compare the different sizes of phones if I would be able to comfortably use the Fairphone 4.

I can login to my bunq ‘area’ on another phone. I do not have a back-up phone, but I can use someone else’s. I don’t think it’s necessary to have 2 phones. I’m of the opinion that using 1 phone is more sustainable. It has it’s drawbacks of course.

How can you see the maximum capacity of a battery / an accu on a fairphone? On an iPhone you can see in the settings. Does this also work with a fairphone?
How do I know when to replace the battery?
I’d like to replace it before it utterly fails me.

Yes you can monitor the battery ‘health’ but you shouldn’t have a problem for a few years, and even then it will just require charging more frequenently.

  • Length 162 mm
  • Width 75.5 mm
  • Thickness 10.5 mm
  • Weight 225g
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Sounds like a good idea to me!

Good, that you already have a backup plan!

Fully agreed!

I’d recommend to use AccuBattery for that. At least I think it’s gives good advice for what you seek.


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What are the criteria for a new fairphone?
How should the fairphone 4+ / 5 look like?
Which features should it have?
Which options shouldn’t it have?

Should there be a cheaper model or a more expensive one?

We already have a topic for this


Yes, a smaller form factor similar to the current iPhone 13 mini would be welcome.

But, then again, Apple isn’t discontinuing it for nothing.

That’s just because they released their mini’s after they released the iPhone SE 2020 which is about the same size.
They haven’t discontinued the SE line yet.

A few weeks ago I was in a shop in The Netherlands where they sell Fairphones, but they didn’t had a display model. However, I was able to hold a smartphone that was about as big as the fairphone and I must admit that it wasn’t so big as I thought it was.
Still wondering about single hand uses though. I’d like to eat breakfast while going through an article on my phone. I usually let my phone rest on my little finger while doing that.

Can you do that with a Fairphone 4?

I can, and I have reasonably small hands. Though I find it more comfortable to lay my phone on the table while I’m eating, so I don’t often browse on my phone without a free hand to scroll.

One of the issue with smartphones these days is that they have a camera bump. So unless you have a case to make up the difference the thing wobbles.

Unless you apply way too much force to the touchscreen, it doesn’t really wobble. And even if it does wobble, the camera bump isn’t tall enough for it to cause you many problems. Though with a smaller phone I’d expect the wobble to be worse, because the camera is more likely to have to protrude further.


Thank you for the link.

I have finally looked at it and it looks kinda neat.
I might dive into deeper.

As I saw elsewhere on this forum, people sometimes think that installing the /e/OS is difficult, so maybe I’ll go here:

and buy it with the OS.

Then again, my current phone still serves me!

Fairphone 5 mini +1
I have the Sny Xperia XZ1 Compact: Probably the very last Highend-Smartphone shorter than 130mm. It’s got a Snapdragon 835, and despite of being from 2017, it seems to have nearly the CPU power of a fairphone 4 (Snapdragon 835 vs Snapdragon 750G: tests and benchmarks).
Despite of that, Sony dropped support in September 2019. I managed to install Lineage OS with Android 13, loosing the 940fps slow motion feature of the camera.

I digress, back to the topic: I would LOVE to have a handy Fairphone (instead of a bulky one), and it would be maybe THE ONLY serious smartphone with small size.

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Fairphone 5 Mini +5!!! Me, two friends, two family members and a bunch of people with an old SE for example would get it as their “last” phone IMMEDIATELY! Please as you’re reading this, Fairphone, take a heart and don’t just go with the fatter the better trend - it is tiring and so highly unpractical, like an annoying boner in the pocket all the time, it SUCKS! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Was to lazy to find the topic in a forum, as I googled again for “fairphone mini” (which I did every year now) my heart began to bleed in tears again to find no alternative. Again…:cry:

Waiting from the S10e, hopefully not forever. The Fairphone 4 is +50% bigger and heavier… 150 VS 225g. Impossible to wear on the body comfortably and epic fail when it falls with a big one accelerating super quickly making it way more likely to have a damage from a few feet. I don’t understand the world with their obsession of bigmacness - you must have done your research on that I’m sure. I keep praying :heart:

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Hi and welcome to the forum

Generally Fairphone do not read topics here as it is a user forum

Also this has been discussed and is so extremely unlikely that it amounts to zero


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100%! Recently entered the world of “Dumbphones” which as it turned out is not quite my avenue since:

  • I still need a compact, robust, rugged phone which is hackable (aosp privacy focused android)
  • E-Ink screen for badass battery life and low digital heroine distraction
  • Still having a really good (ultra wide angle) camera
  • possibly physical keyboard
  • possibly Meshtastic module integrated for independent mesh network connection

Recently tried the Cyrus CM17 but it wasn’t a 100% match

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I hope that the 40k+ people wanting this may be enough for a company to consider making this.
Would it be an idea to work together with https://smallandroidphone.com/ ?

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A Fairphone “Small” version in my opinion is a must have device in an industry where consumers are pushed to purchase larger phones becoming more and more addicted to their phones.

The potential future “Small” Fairphone features:

  • Between 5.5" & 5.7" screen

  • Advanced energy-efficient screen probably miniLED or microLED

  • Modern energy-efficiency based processor with 5G

  • Innovative solid-state battery

  • A singular but really good camera

  • Priced Fairly - though I mainly created this post fundamentally for the inclusion of a smaller device, considering the investment into R&D of the “Small”, naturally pricing it would be your volition but it would be great if it was on par to Apple’s original SE & Mini.


  • Battery - by the time R&D is finalised for the “Small” version I strongly believe solid-state batteries especially for smaller based devices would be more apparent in the industry as opposed to significantly higher amperage & voltage based solutions i.e for EVs, so I think it would be a available option for the “Small” Fairphone.

  • The Zenphone 10 by Asus has shown to be quite compelling in the past & present but in my opinion what they did wrong was deliver a really compelling product with most if not all the features of much larger phones and it can also be recognized in the pricing such as implementing edge solutions, i.e larger battery, 5.9" screen, larger cameras and not forgetting the leading edge processor by Qualcomm which is the Snapdraggon 8 Gen 2. I mean what were they thinking? I think it’s just too powerful of a processor & feel free to disagree with me but I feel the next best thing from MediaTek would have been great.

  • The iPhone Mini was such a great option & honestly still is but they don’t share the same principals as Fairphone but to be quiet honest not many companies do, which is why I think a solution from Fairphone would be such a brilliant product offering in the market. The Mini’s sales for iPhone was said to have floundered but that was only in comparison to it’s larger phones, fact of the matter is, they sold millions which to them & industry analysts isn’t great enough which is ridiculous. Apple’s “Mini” based users honestly appreciate their phones more & there are still many mini 12 & mini 13 & even SE users that haven’t upgraded their phones at all.

  • Unihertz also offer a mini phone option and they’re great, their sales are also good. However, one thing in my opinion detrimental about them is they arguably don’t provide long enough support for their products and services which when it comes to security, it could be seen as a negative especially as their users get attached to their products. Unlike the American counterparts I’'m not as judgemental towards Chinese companies; I think a lot of them are great, however because of the cultural barrier unfortunately a lot of things can be confused in translation & I feel coming to the western market & exploding with prosperity can be seen as difficult for them when it comes to traditional consumer based solutions, the phone market being a classic example of this, though it does seem to be slowly changing.

Closing remarks:

I would so love to purchase a Fairphone, maybe one through Murena as well to see how their /e/OS works at some point. Once the new CEO at Fairphone transitions to their role, I’d greatly appreciate a conversation into this through this platform & just simply have a few brief conversations about the potential & viability of Fairphone offering a “Small” Fairphone at a Fair price :slight_smile: .

Best regards