Ignoring requests - go to court? Any better idea?


I suffered basically all the issues which are discussed here in the forum over the past year. Some things got solved with updates and the new android and I was quite happy with the support at the end.

After having about 1 week with a stable running and well looking fairphone, the display started the ghost writing and disfunctionality of certain parts again.

The support confirmed that this is a hardware issue and that it needs to be replaced. However, right now they are changing operations and there will be no replacement.

I told them that I somehow need a working phone. Either they replace the phone, give me a full refund or at a first instance tell me how long it will take to replace the phone/display.

Since about a week they did not reply and I cannot reach anyone there.

I really wanna support this project, but I also need a working phone or at least some information when the replacement is possible.

As I do not get any information right now, I am seriously considering to sue them for a full refund, but honestly I really hope that there is any other way. As I said, I actually wanna support this idea.

Does anyone have any idea how I can make them reply or get a refund without forcing them into legal proceedings?

I do not know if it is a “good idea” to sue them or not, but there is one interesting detail: Fairphone postponed delivery for orders of a Fairphone 2 from beginning of September to end of October:


(They do not mention the year…)

The Display is supposed to be back in stock by the end of this month. @Douwe, an FP employee added this info here.

If that info is not to your satisfaction and you still rather have a refund than wait then simply give them a call - no need for threatening to sue.

Thanks for your comments. Luckily I got a reply yesterday, it apparently my request got lost somewhere.