iFixit : Toolkit with gelatine

Just an update: Got my iFixit Pro kit with gelatine ~ thanks a lot ???

A bit off topic, but then ??

Deleted the text of my explosive comment to iFixit

Sorry amoun, but what was riding you to behave that rude? Absolutely inappropriate.


First of all I appreciate the gesture of putting some candy into the package.

The choice was not optimal maybe and I can understand your disappointment about it as someone who also avoids animal products.

But as @Incanus already said: Your response was pretty rude. I would have went with a slightly more friendly version, suggesting to rethink the exact nature of the added candy. But then again you’ll never be able to not offend someone. Some people might already take issue with any candy being included at all - no matter the type.
Honestly, given your message to them, I’d probably not reply if I received something like that…

Bottom line: They tried to be nice, give them at least some credit for it.


I think they didn’t get the message as I refused to log in :grimacing:

I had a similar issue with the bank of England when they decided to use animal fat to stop the ‘new’ notes sticking together. After I called them a lot of bankers. I stopped using UK currency ~ years ago.

Yeah, no, this is a completely inappropriate and overly aggressive response to someone including free candy in your package in what’s undoubtedly a well-intentioned gesture that’s probably appreciated by almost every recipient. I for one have especially fond memories of assembling a Prusa 3D printer, precisely because they included gummy bears.


I’ve moved this discussion to an unlisted topic.

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On a more common issue.

The reason I bought from iFixit is that I saw a video saying how much better it was than some Chinese ???

I mistakenly thought this was made in USA or EU anywhere but China

What do I find : Made in China

  • The bits look a bit rough.
    I have concerns using it on small screws, I will try on a defunct device first.
  • I would not recommend the kit to anyone
  • Comes with ‘stickers’ yuk!
  • OH! must add comes with animal derived sweets, totally unfair to the animals and insulting to many.
  • Pretty sure their website doesn’t accept comments

Cost of £70 isn’t the issue though I think it’s a poor deal, I won’t be asking to return it. I learn from my mistakes.

Maybe had I bought the cheaper one they would have been so generous with their gelatine.

In my opinion, it could be deleted completely.


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