Ideas for forum improvement

When browsing the plugin directory of the forum I also came across this plugin:

I think it might make a nice addition to see who is currently active on the site…
What do you think? Or are there other functions you miss on this forum that we could maybe add?


In the staff category I already suggested the favorites plugin once, which I think could be a nice feature for some users (I wouldn’t use it here, but e.g. on the metabrainz forum I’d like to use it, because I’m not interested in all categories there).
Also I think the locations plugin would make a nice addition to our new events plugin.


For asynchronous channels like a forum, this feature is not essential.

It could also be misleading: Users see that e. g. @paulakreuzer is online and expect an instant answer from her. The “User is online” status doesn’t say if the user has now time and mood to write answers.

The “User is online” status doesn’t even say that the user is reading the Fairphone Forum now. He could have hidden the Fairphone Forum in the background, have accidentally clicked the Fairphone Forum link, have run a screen-scraping software on the Fairphone Forum or have recently left the Fairphone Forum.


Just another suggestion with regard to the topic of this thread:

I think it would be a good idea to have a section in this forum dedicated for reports by or about Fairphone. There are many interesting and important publications referenced in blog articles.
Like e.g. these ones:

or the cost-breakdown etc.

In my opinion it would be a great improvement to find those sources of in-depths information in one place.

@Monica.Ciovica @Douwe
It might be on the Fairphone homepage as well.

I really have spent some time searching in vain for reports I knew to be there somewhere.
This kind of online-library might as well be a tool for researchers or someone like the guy from “Kite”.

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Here is the website’s library:


Just makes me wonder, why this section of the homepage is so hard to find and not really linked to in the menu.
And I really would like to have the FP publications added as well (like the cost breakdowns), that are not included in this list.

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The cost breakdown is very old by now. Many things have changed. While it is a nice tool to get a general idea of what is involved in making a Fairphone, we do not feel confident enough about its accuracy anymore to share it actively.


Quite understandable.
Just makes me curious.

So if there’s an updated version, I would love to learn about it.
Of course I fully understand, that with Android 7 and maybe a FP3 and business plans in the making, the focus is on other - more important - matters. It would just be nice to learn what has changed and where maybe new challenges are located.

I also just shortly had an idea of a slight “improvement” although it actually would only have a tiny impact - but maybe raise the overall fun factor.

When emailing in the past I often got very entertaining “taglines” to read at the bottom of emails from others. Some of them did get me to crack up with laughter. Somehow I miss them today.
They could be simply placed at the bottom of each reply or message, but this would need more steps each time by the user. Or maybe there could be an extra field keeping a favorite tagline automatically maybe with a different font and size.

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The forum software Discourse is about not having signatures. They take away the focus from the post’s content.

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Yes, that´s understandable.

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