Idea: transparent soft case for FP4

There are some coloured soft cases available for the FP4. I wondered, why isn’t there a transparent soft case available.

A transparent soft case is the most universal soft case one can think of. Used as it is, it will show the FP4 inside of it, but when you put an coloured paper sheet, drawing or photograph in it before you put your phone in it, you can make any unique, creative soft case in any colour or design you want.

Imo it is the most universal solution…!


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I don’t know for sure, but i can imagine, that it might be difficult or impossible to make a transparent case from recycled plastics.


All previous transparent cases from FP broke extremly fast and much faster than all other coloured cases, so I doubt FP will try this again.


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As Incanus has suggested it may not be possible to make case from recycled plastic that are transparent.

I’s not just the colouring but the strength, durability and texture. If you can find such I imagine Fairphone would be interested.

There do seem to be some, but maybe they are hard cases.

Maybe you can find something using the following link, I can’t be bothered to check them all :slight_smile:


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