Idea to "spread the word"


I share an idea that could be (1)easy and (2) useful to “spread the word” about Fairphone…

I’ve just made a reservation in a hostel and I had to send my mobile number…
Instead of “just” writing the number, I thought of writing:
FairPhone: mobile number

Also a link to FairPhone behind “FairPhone”.

So, the idea would be to put " FairPhone" before the mobile number whenever we share it…what do you think?

Have a nice day!!



Good idea!
Although I always was a bit annoyed by those e-mail signatures saying “sent from my …”; the first thing I did on my FP1 (and 2 as well) was to add a signature saying:
Sent from my Fairphone”.

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Not bad, yes!

However, I have to make a confession: I have yet to send the first email from my FP1U :nerd:

I tried to gently push the Fairphone message in a very subtle way today though …

Very subtle.


I have to admit I wouldn’t use these signatures or add “Fairphone” in front of my number when I fill in some form. But of course I also wouldn’t stop someone from doing it.

Last thing I did was at last week’s event in Hamburg: as the community phone had no SIM and the cafe didn’t offer free Wifi, I used my FP1 to open an access point with name “Fairphone” :wink:

Edit: now that I think of it again, I should have named it “FairphoneMeetingCafeKoppel” :smiley:


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