iCloud emails won't delete

Hello and thanks for reading.
I have successfully added my iCloud email account to my android email app on my fairphone 4, I can receive and send emails no problem.
However, I am unable to delete any emails from my fairphone 4, any that I delete re-appear again and again insistently!
If I go on my computer directly to my iCloud account I can delete there no problem but I’d really like to be able to keep up with deletion on a daily basis from my phone.
Would anyone have any advice on how to correct this issue please?

Hi and welcome to the community forum, Zarah

It seems this is a general problem on Android




Thanks Ingo, deleting the additional trash folder on the computer worked. Voilà. Thanks!

For anyone else with the same problem. This advice solved it for me…

Login to you icloud account on the web and check to see if there is a Trash folder (folder icon ) separate from the normal trash folder (trashcan icon). I deleted the trash folder (icon) and everything in it. Then I deleted everything in the trash(can icon).


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