IceCat mobile is extremely slow

Hello lovely forum

I have just switched from the old android 5 Fairphone OS to the most up to date Fairphone Open OS and am now slowly installing all my apps.

I used IceCat mobile under android 5 and would like to continue to do so, but now i experience an incredibly slow behaviour of it in the new OS. It starts normally but when loading websites it starts but then it seems to take a break and waits a looooong time before continuing to load the website. Has anyone got an idea why this is (and how to fix it)?

The browser that comes with the OS functions normally, so it is not an internet connection problem.

Many thanks for your help!

It seems that the culprit is the GNU libre-js add on that IceCat comes preactivated with. When disabling that, it works much quicker.

I had the same sloooow behaviour at the moment I updated from IceCatMobile 45.7 to 52.3…
It was so slow that I decided to switch to another open-source browser (JumpGo).

Thank you for the tip, @naitsabes , I’ll try deactivating this addon :slight_smile:

I was wondering why I didn’t have rhis issue and neither that addon. Took me a while to realize I’m using Fennec F-Droid, not IceCat. :blush:

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