I want to send a text message, not a 'chat'

I’ve spent several hours trying to locate the options for sending/recieving text messages, but all I am presented with in the ‘messages’ section is an option to ‘chat’. I’ve done a bit of research and a ‘chat’ is different to a regular text message.

I have texts from a previous phone backed up on a PC and, ultimately, I want to see if I can import them to the Fairphone 5, but I need to find the basic texting options on the phone first.

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There should be no difference between a new message and a new chat, that’s just a different wording for the same thing.

P.S.: I guess the new wording was introduced, because Google included the RCS functionality in the messages app. Like Apple combines iMessage for other Apple devices and SMS for Android phones in the same app,


Thank you for clarifying that for me, it’s a great help :+1:


BTW: Not sure if by default is enabled/disabled, but you can check yourself,
for work simple as classic SMS over gsm operator:
in Messages app tap to your account icon in top right:
Messages settings/RCS chats/Turn on RCS chats = Disable

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