I want to buy the FP3+ but

First things first: this is not a flaming topic nor I intend to create tention :slightly_smiling_face:

What I want is to purchase the FP3+ since I like the whole idea but I cannot justify the price because of the current components and what I can get for the same amount of money.

Now, this might seem as an oversimplified way of seeing this and I would agree with you and that is why I’ve come up with the following questions:

What (…and whom) do I support by purchasing this device? How do I help? How exactly does my overvalued (don’t mean this in a bad way) purchase does make a valuable difference?

Thank you in advance!

Your questions should be answered by the articles of the Fairphone homepage, for example: Our Mission - Fairphone

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Thank you for the quick response.

I am interest to read what current owners have to say on the matter. These articles have given me an idea but - I believe - from the company’s perspective.

I mean, if I was asking you directly whether I should purchase this phone or not, pointing me to these articles is enough?

Hi and welcome to the discussion on ethics,. I do not see this as really about phones, it just some people wanted to make an example of consumer ethics and chose a mobile phone to express their concerns, hence my involvement.

I am adamant that we so called ‘humans’ cannot save the planet, but we can address some of the inequalities that we have flourished on for so long and the Fairphone does this by more fair trading. That fairness it enjoyed by those in mines and factories getting better conditions and wages etc. all we get is the ego boost in showing we care ~ the phone is far from brilliant but I see the light shining brighter in the Fairphone community.

Of course all this extra shedding of light only shows up how little we as ‘humans’ care about just about anything we don’t want to continuously exploit…

It a bit a fun at less ethic expense but more Euros and Pounds etc. Good riddance to the money and hello ethics.


Yes, I think that’s enough for the start, because that’s the idea behind the product and the reason why it is more fair but also more expensive than other phones.
It ain’t faster, cheaper, or bigger than phones of the main brands. It’s just more fair and more sustainable.


The reasons I went for the FP3+

Why did i need another phone?
4 years ago, I bought a second hand phone, because it seemed as sustainable as the FP project. All went well, until the morning where I woke up, but the phone didn’t.

What choice did I have?
I had the choice between going for another used phone, but I was concerned about which brand I would choose to “promote by using it”. After several hours of research, and reading allegations about all the phone brands I could find in the local second hand shop, the decision was clear: I want to promote a brand that has clear principles of fairness.

What are the upsides of Fairphone?
The phone is designed to be opened. Defectious modules can be changed. Something is no longer working? Only replace this module! The modularity isn’t unlimited, and I hope that my support to the company will help improve this.

Which step further did I do?
While buying the FP, I saw that it would be possible to install another OS without losing warranty. I looked up the OS they were talking about. After some reflection, I went for e.foundation, because it seemed to be my personal best fit. The upside is that my phone is now completely degooglized, apps depending on GSF will be stuck on an Island or in a Shelter). The downside is that some apps won’t run under /e/, because the world seems to depend on a single company. This being said, the stock OS is fully compatible with all apps.

What could Fairphone improve?
The best case scenario would be to keep the current hardware structure and build every future improvement on it. In this case, only the needed components would be exchanged over time.

Why is Fairphone the best fit for me?

  • It has clear considerations for the environnment. One example being the strict limited plastic used in the packaging, which in my case were tools to apply the screen protection.
  • It has clear considerations for the workers. Whereas with other brands I am concerned about child-workers, here I am confident that it isn’t happening.
  • Event if it’s not the last and fastest technology, it is still powerful. Most of the tools we are using have much more potential than we’re actually using.
  • It’s time to change the way we’re thinking.

In conclusion
Fairphone offers a sustainable product, socially fair and needing less ressources on the long run. It is also fair with the costumer who wants to customize the product. The brand’s principles are compatible with mine.


Welcome to the forum and good to see, that you are interested in the Fairphone concept.

I agree with @Incanus.
For some more insight, you might have a look at the impact report as well. There you will find e.g. a cost-breakdown explaining where all the money goes.

And Fairphone has quite some research reports linked on their homepage as well regarding lots of different aspects of making and selling a smartphone.
Just do a search on the Fairphonen homepage using the word “report”.
You will be presented with a long list of blogposts etc. that regularly offer links to furhter in-depth external reports and evaluations from the last 7 years.
So, it’s not just in fofrom the company itself.

Just one example from 2015:


I want to thank you all for your helpful replies so far :pray:t2:

As I understand it, purchasing the FP3+ is not about the device at all - it’s about supporting fairness/ the environment/ another way when it comes to goods consumption.


Yes, that’s mostly correct.
But also the modularity of the phone, so it’s possible to change the battery without tools and other modules in an easy way. Even the possibility to update to a better camera for example.
A longer software support than from other manufacturers, support for alternative OS (Lineage, /e/, Sailfish) and so on.
So you can hope to use the phone longer, than a ‘normal’ Android phone.


If you don’t feel it… then there is no point in any of this, just turn back.

If humans will not replace morality with real change then the so called moral societies will be short-lived parodies of real change.

Thus, you support change, within yourself. What can be greater than that?

But you don’t have to buy a fairphone if you cannot afford it, you can get a used phone.

Try to get the one which can be easily repaired: Smartphone Repairability Scores - iFixit


I do feel it - that’s why I bought an iPhone two years ago (…and did many eco - friendly changes in my life but that’s irrelevant here).

Apple offers five years of software updates (major and minor) and as I have noticed, one more of minor. Also, a significant part of the phone is from recycled materials. So :man_shrugging:t2:

But now, I’m looking for an Android device as well. That’s why Fairphone caught my attention.

I just want to answer this question from my perspective.
The reason I am buying a fairphone is the same reason I buy organic vegetables, not wrapped in plastic. The same reason I have an electric car and walk or catch the bus wherever possible. It is more expensive but this is what I choose to do because my conscience tells me.
The reason other goods (phones) are cheaper is that the buyer is not paying the true value of the goods. If all pricing included enviromental damage, the fairphone would be the cheapest. The only way the fairphone will get cheaper relative to other phones, is a) by many more people buying them and b) by other manufacturers being considerate enough to pay for the degradation of the planet caused by their manufacturing and disposal.
I hope this helps, it’s just my view


Most certainly helpful

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