I want to buy a fairphone in a shop!

Hi there,

I’ve tried multiple times to send this question via the contact form, and I’ve read into distributors but the contact form doesn’t work (any one else have this issue?) and I can’t find a clear answer regarding the distributors.

Basically, I’ve considered getting a FP for ages and it’s about time now, since my old one is on the brink… however, I don’t want to wait 6 weeks for it to arrive. Normally I live in the UK but I am presently living in Rotterdam - is there a shop anywhere that I can just walk in, look at a FP2 and then choose whether to buy it there and then?

I don’t want contracts or any of that stuff… I avoid that at all cost and just use pay as you go.



Some time ago the backlog of orders got worked through and now all open orders are shipped.
If I try to order now it says delivery 1-6 days (depending on shipping method) to Austria.

If you still want to buy it in a physical store we have a comprehensive list right here:

If there is no store in your country on this list then you’re out of luck.


I ordered my FP2 online a couple of weeks ago. It only took about a week to arrive :wink:


Thanks for the tips/replies, I’ll check!

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